Mit bidrag til LAINE’s: 52 weeks of accessories er ‘SandWave’ scarf strikket med Baby Alpaka fra


It’s a new year — and time for a new addition to our 52 Weeks series! We are proud to present to you 52 Weeks of Accessories

We all need them sometimes — knitting “snacks”! As empowering as large, intricate projects can be for a knitter, it’s also good to have some counterbalance: smaller projects you can work on in between. 52 Weeks of Accessories was created to answer just that need. 

Without doubt, this is one of LAINES most versatile collection yet: with a mix of different accessories from beanies and mittens to shawls, cowls and socks as well as various techniques and textures. 52 Weeks of Accessories is for everyone who already loves this series as well as for those who are new to it. There’s something for everyone.

52 Weeks of Accessories is published on February 16 2024.

Take a look at all the wonderful patterns in the book and preorder now!

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