VesterbyCrea.No.39 – English

kr. 60,00

VesterbyCrea.No.38 is a sweater worked in garter stitch alternating with PuF and KidSeta mohair. The model is worked from sleeve to sleeve.

In the beginning of the first sleeve the ribbing is worked and then increases are worked and the rest of the sleeve is worked in the round in garter stitch alternating PuF and Kid Seta mohair. When the sleeve is finished stitches are casted on either side of the sleeve (back and front pieces) and are then worked flat at the same time in garter stitch – again alternating between PuF and KidSeta. Stitches are binded of to create the neckline and then front and back pieces are worked. They are joined again and then worked flat.

When the body has the correct width stitches are binded of on both front and back pieces and then the last sleeve is worked in the round as the first sleeve.

The sides are grafted together using kitchener stitches and stitches are picked up along the neckline and ribbing edge.


VesterbyCrea.No.39 is a cardigan worked in pattern and raglan increases. In the beginning of the yoke cast on using provisional cast on method for neckline which is worked in ribbing. The yoke is worked flat in pattern and raglan increases and increases for the front pieces until dividing for body and sleeves. The body is then worked flat in pattern and finished with a ribbing and bind off. The sleeves are worked in pattern using the stitches placed on hold and the extra stitches that are picked up in the armhole. The sleeves are finished with a ribbing and binded off using tubular italian bind off method. The neckline is finished by picking up the stitches from the provisional cast on and then binded off using horizontal stitches. The cardigan is assembly free.


Length (mid back): 57 (59) 61 (62) 62 (64) 68 cm
Back (width measured from the middle of the underarm across the back): 35 (35) 38 (45) 47 (50) 54 cm

Circular needles 4 mm (60, 80 cm) for body and sleeves
Circular needles 3 mm for neckline ribbing
Circular needles 3 mm for ribbing on body and sleeves

In stockinette using 1 strand of Wool and 1 strand of Mohair on needles 4 mm 20 sts / 24 rows per 10 x 10 cm
Pattern in 11 sts is 4 cm wide

300 (300) 350 (400) 400 (450) 500 gr.
– ’Wensleydale, 2-stranded wool’ from ’Hesselgarn’, 400 m / 100 gr.

150 (150) 150 (200) 200 (200) 250 gr.
– ’Myth, 70% Kid Mohair & 30% Silk’ from ’Hesselgarn’, 420 m. / 50 gr.

Work with one strand of Wool and one strand of Mohair

Difficult: ★★ (2 out of 5).

The pattern will be sent to you via email as a PDF file.

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